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Toronto and Montreal Custom Car Mats

Car Floor Mat Innovations for Montreal and Toronto

Most people think that all car mats are created equal. Well, at least until they have been through a Canadian winter.  As the people of Montreal and Toronto can attest a low quality or improperly sized mat can leave your car floor a mess of dirt and slush, which is not easy to remove. Leaving it settle overnight or while you work can result in a buildup of ice that will eventually damage the interior of your vehicle. 

To prevent this, you need a car mat that fits your vehicle perfectly. This is where EuroTech Mat and Liner comes in. We have specially designed car mats that hug the nooks and crannies of the car floors so you don’t have to worry about the floor of your vehicle.


Why is EuroTech the Best Car Mat?

Besides being designed to fit your car like a glove, EuroTech brand car mats provide other specialty features to help the people of Montreal and Toronto keep their cars tidy.

Durable – Made from 100% rubber, our mats do not have voids on the bottom like other mats, they are rubber all the way through. They are made of a specially synthesized, lightweight but extremely durable rubber that will easily last 5 years. We even place extra material under the pedals to increase the longevity of the mat as that is the area that wears out first

High Edges – To prevent mud, slush, water and dirt from getting outside the mat, they are designed with a high outside edge. This also helps with cleaning as there is less chance of debris and liquid spilling over the side when you remove it from your car, truck or SUV.

Extra Grip – the last thing you want while driving is for your foot or the mat to slip as it could result in an accident. We place extra grips and stoppers on the mats to prevent movement and keep you safe.

No Chemical Rubber Smell – New car mats often have a very strong smell that is unpleasant, and can make you feel nauseous.  Our mats have a light scent of vanilla to make driving a pleasant experience.

Easy to Clean- Our 100% rubber mats allow you to clean most dirt with a light hosing.  For more caked on dirt all that is needed most of the time is a light brushing.

Easy to Choose – just go to our buy now section and select your vehicle brand and model. If we do not have it make sure to check out our universal mat options, that describe the specific vehicles they are compatible with.

5 Year Warranty – We know that our vehicle mats are made to last. That is why if one of our clients in Montreal or Toronto find that their mat is not holding up as it should, we will gladly replace it.  

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