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One of a Kind Vehicle Floor Mats in Vancouver

EuroTech has quickly grown into one of Vancouver’s most sought-after car floor mats companies. .  We take great pride in providing the automobile industry with highly valued automobile floor mats. Although our company has only been around for a short period of time; we could not be prouder of the attention our little business has garnered and the solid reputation we’ve earned over the past few years. 

Our business relies on customer satisfaction and client care. Which is why our team puts so much time and effort in the work we do. From designing new and improved floor mats to implementing innovative ideas that leave with the knowledge that they made the right choice! Our mats are specially designed to fit your particular make and model of car or truck, because we create with your specific needs in mind. .

Innovative and Functional

When you purchase EuroTech floor mats you are getting the most for your dollar!  These products are made to last and our design team spent a lot of time figuring out how to create a unique, functional mat that is durable enough to survive even the toughest of elements.

 EuroTech has reinvented the car mat by using reinforced solid rubber materials, engineered specifically to fit your particular vehicle. Not only do our mats keep your car free of spills, dirt, ice, snow and other grimy substances, they are also super easy to clean! The majority of the time all you need to do is rinse it off with water and all the dirt, dander, mud, rocks and other grime that has been collecting over the past few months will disappear in an instant.  Our services include a diverse variety of custom floor mat options, built to fit around your brake and gas pedals, no matter the car or truck model.

5 Year Guarantee

Since we make mats that lasts, we offer a 5 year warranty and will replace any mat that is not up to par. Our company takes a great deal of care in the work we do and our main goal is to provide Vancouver drivers with a safe and functional product that also smells good! That’s right, we have created scented car mats!

Scented Car Mats

How often have you entered your car and sincerely missed that new car scent with its chemical smell? If you find that you or your passengers are sensitive to that lingering car odor; you should consider purchasing one of our scented car mats.

 Instead of wasting money on trinkets and exaggeratedly intense air fresheners that will only add to the smell, try something a bit more subtle. Our light vanilla scented mats are not overtly strong or overwhelming to the senses. In fact, they offer a more subdued and sweet fragrance, one that will replace and cancel out any unwanted odors without overpowering the entire space.


If the people of Vancouver are tired of having floormats that don’t keep their vehicle clean, then consider getting a product that was specifically designed for your vehicle and your needs.  For more information, concerns or inquiries about our products or shipping, give us a call or send us an email today!